MY JIHAD a public educational Muslims campaign launched in December 2012 in Chicago Illinois.

MY JIHAD seeks to share the proper meaning of Jihad “struggling in the way of God” and to take back Islam from Muslims and anti-Muslim extremist alike MY JIHAD responds to Islam-o-phobes and Muslims…

In 2009, an enthusiastic and visionary young Multi-cultural and a nomad at heart Phoenician Alex Khater flew to Los Angeles California to pursue his dream of becoming a designer and meeting his aspiration. His outstanding performance led him to win the 2009 Emporio Armani Competition

HIGH SPEED is a Alhurra TV’s one and only series about motor vehicles; primarily cars. Since its launch in 2005, it has developed a quirky, humorous and energetic style driven by its talented Anchor George Choueiry.
After a successful coverage in 2005 for the NBA Playoff 2005, here is the open Alhurra Creative Dept. team produced for the NBA PLAYOFF 2006 show. Following this concept of the Silver Ball, a promotion was created that made the team proud with a BRONZE BDA AWARD.
Since March 2011, 2.2 million Syrians have fled the conflict in their country to take refuge in neighboring countries. They have been sheltered as refugees in assigned camps. Their news went viral on all media platforms. Reem salahi a civil rights attorney and Faisal Attrache a student filmmaker, both are Syrians-Americans living in Los Angeles California who decided to witness and document the day to day life inside the refugee camps. Reem visited the northern camps at the Syrian borders while Faisal the southern one in Jordan, both stud hopeless facing the bitter reality.


syrian refugee camp (2011-2014/unhcr)

crEATive direction

Storyboard, set design & SHOW Production